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Suggestion when buying Flourite

If you decide to go with Flourite, here's a suggestion based on my

First calculate the number of bags you want (I have a calculation page at

Find your best price from the online stores **including actual-freight
shipping charges (remember sales tax where applicable** -- calculate your
final price per bag.

Go to seachem.com and drop them an e-mail asking for the stores in your
area that carry, or can order, Flourite (Seachem has a database that makes
this easy).

Figuring in your sales tax, calculate what an equivalent price per bag
would be if you buy it locally. 

Call or go into a few stores on Seachem's list and be honest with them --
tell them you are setting up a planted tank and the best price you have
found so far, and ask them if they can beat it. IMO the larger the amount
you need, the more willing they will be to lower their price. (If you can
find a friend in your area who also wants Flourite, you can pools your
orders to have a larger potential sale.)

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