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Swap or Buy CO2 cylinders and gas Quality

Don't know why this hung up but . . .

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Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 07:11:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: mike heerman <triggerfish80 at go_com>
Subject: Swap or Buy CO2 cylinders and gas Quality
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com

I didn't see this post on the list so I decided to send it again and 
change the subject line. Sometimes it doesn't send if it is too long. 
Sorry if it comes up twice.

Iím looking to buy a CO2 setup. I was on the Monolith Marine Monsters 
(m3) website and the following information cought my eye. I have cut and 
pasted the info below. 

>Use beverage- or medical-grade CO2 gas - A good place to start will be 
gas suppliers for hospital and laboratory use. You may also check with 
beverage bottling companies or fresh meat packagers who use dry ice. 
Cleaner the gas, less dust to obstruct the orifice inside the CO2 
System. Do not use paint ball cylinders which contain oil. Some 
welding-use cylinders contain moisture which is also unsuitable. 

Use brand new CO2 Cylinder and have it refilled whenever possible - Many 
gas suppliers will try to make you swap your new Cylinder with their 
used ones right on spot. Insist on waiting for them to fill up your 
brand new Cylinder. Though used ones are supposed to be inspected 
regularly for flaws and leaks, there can still be a lot of bad ones that 
escaped the inspections. 

I was originally going to buy a tank from a local gas supply company. I 
checked them out and they only trade cylinders each time you come in. 
The cylinders were kinda beat up and dirty looking. Now Iím wondering if 
there will be moisture in them or the quality of gas may be different 
from what I need. On the other hand if I purchase my own CO2 cylinder I 
have to find a place that will refill it and not try to swap it out. 
Where do you find beverage or medical grade CO2 and is this necessary 
over just a gas supply company. 

I'm temporarily living in the Kansas City area. I would be willing to 
drive quite a ways to find a good source of CO2 for those of you who 
live around there and could suggest one.