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Re: Hairalgae and "young" algae

>>Did the water change and add fresh nutrients back
into your tank? I regularly remove large amounts of
plants from my tanks. My tanks don't
crash. Those big water changes and addition of
nutrients back help.<<

I did not do anything that I do not normally do.  Same
schedule of fertilization and water changes.  I too
regularly prune large amounts of plants from my tanks.
 But in this case, it was much more than I usually do.
 We are talking the equiv. of 25 stems of telanthera,
each 18in.  In order to change my aquascape.  This may
have been the cause, but maybe not.

>>Algae are opportunistic(at least the kinds that we
deal with) and look for a short time frame to get a
good foot hold for their life cycle and then they can
go dormant till the conditions become favorable again.
Think of it like "seeds" making through the dry season
till the rains come again. The "rain" is poor
conditions(old slow growing inactive dead plant parts
or no lack of a nutrient(s)) for the plants.<<

I agree with this assessment.  Algae are never gone. 
But what we encounter in the hobby are "algae
problems," which relies on a standard that any visible
algae is bad.  My past outbreaks of algae caused me a
bit of stress and consternation.  With this current
outbreak, I am only curious.  Already, the stargrass
that replaced the telanthera has greatly increased,
and I have seen a slowing/stopping of algae growth. 

As a separate issue, I should mention that it is among
only the java moss that I have significant hair algae.
 Interesting that the algae should like its foothold
so much there.


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