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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1124

><< Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 23:03:40 -0400
>  From: "kidt cordry" <kidtt at hotmail_com>
>  Subject: mussels
>  Since there doesn't seem to be an aquatic invertabrate list (if there is
>  someone give me the link) and plants are nearest to sedentary 
>  Anybody know anything about keeping mussels alive in an aquarium?
>  Every site I check suggests that it is difficult to do, but none of them
>  ever say how to do it.
>  I am doing long range prepurchase research on bitterlings.  Any body know
>  where I can get korean oily bitterlings, or any type for that matter, in 
>  States?
>  - -kidt
>   >>
>Mussels are easy to keep but you have to cater to their needs. Mussels need 
>fine substrate such as sand and the aquarium should not be filtered. An air
>stone or bubble wand should provide aeration if needed. Muscles filter out
>the detritus as much (maybe more) than water born algae. So a tank that has
>it's bottom cleaned starves the clams. I have been keeping mussels for 
>in my plant tanks and they do well even reproducing. In the one tank I have
>kept close track of I have several generations of mussels, probably dozens 
>individuals from only 6 adults I started with Any type of filtration will
>result in them starving to death. BTW there are native North American
>bitterlings, why send all the way for Korean fish?

Any type of filtration?  How about a biowheel with out the floss insert?

I hadn't heard of any NA biterlings.  I have heard of a population of 
europeon bitterlings in NY, but that they had died out.

do you know of a particular NA species that I havent heard of?

do a google image search for the korean oily bitterling and you will see why 
a rainbowfish guy like me wants some...

But I will take what I can get, the only species i can find available is 
chinese blues, and that is on fish2u.com
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