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Since you have received no other help, I'll offer what I can.

The only effect that I can imagine tank size or height might have is
the water pressure at depth or bowing the glass panels.  But the
pressure should press the silicone against the glass, so that shouldn't
be a problem.  As for bowing of the glass pulling joints apart, that
isn't simply a function of tank size but also glass thickness.  If the
glass stays flat, the joints should hold, even with a relatively low
adhesion material like silicone sealant. Some older tanks used rather
thin glass in medium-sized tanks that bowed considerably.  If your's
doesn't, then you are probably all right using the Dow.

But for a few bucks you can get some other silicone without the caveat.
 For example, www.Thatpetplace.com sells Perfecto brand silicone in
caulking gun size (10.3 oz.) tubes for about $6.50 and in 3oz. tubes
for about half that much  (search for "sealant" in the fish section). 
The Perfecto silicone has no disclaimers as to tank size and
ThatPetPlace sold me fresh product the last time I bought some --
silicone gets stale in the tube after a couple of years.  Tip:  since
it's best to have all the caulking done at once, be sure to buy enough
tubes -- a tube doesn't go as far as one might think ;-).

Good lucK, Scott

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