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Re: Sup-Ah!

Nathan Wittmaier wrote:

> Triple Superphosphate (says P2O5 on the bag) is an okee-doke source of
> phosphate, right? I just want to make sure before I make use of this stuff.
> (I'm watching before I leap, but my pocketbook sure didn't ...) Somebody
> thummp me with a nasty email if it's not good.

It isn't P2O5.  Just like "muriate of potash" isn't K2O.  P2O5 is just
the oxide that is traditionally used to express the phosphorus content
of a fertilizer.

Triple superphosphate according to a couple online sources I read is
Ca(H2PO4)2H20 plus quite few other things mixed in.  I wouldn't expect
it to be very pure.  If it were pure, then I think the fertilizer would
be about 57% P2O5.  The actual value should be lower then that and you
can use the difference as a qualitative measure of it's purity.

The impurities are probably benign, but they may not be easily
dissolved.  If you are concerned about the impurities then it would be
better to use a USP grade product rather than an agricultural product. 
> My plan is to brew a PMDD daily-dropper type of liquid mix
> for myself.

You will have trouble combining any sort of phosphate with an iron
source.  Iron and phosphate produce an insoluble precipitate.

> (BTW, I noticed looking at the archive that some things *are* fitting and
> just. Tom Barr uses a Mac. Viva la revolution! ... however old it may be ...)

There's probably a few people out there who are still using and enjoying
their Amigas, too.

Roger Miller