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Do it to them


I think you're loaded for bear. By the way, how deep
can they dig the hole you're burying them in? I work
for a paper and I can't abide plagarism. We evicted
one reporter for this crime and he is even barred from
the Foreign Correspondents Club in Tokyo. As for
websites, I personally terminated one by giving them
very bad press. Leak this to the newspapers, news
services and news channels. These people look for
items like this all the time and any muzzling of free
speech causes them to react.

Short and sweet: Send some e-mails out CNN, the New
York Times, Washington Post etc., very little public
opinion is shaped overseas, but massive amounts are at
home. BTW phone your Congressman and vent. He/She may
get off their fat posterior and do something.

Tokyo Japan

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