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fertilizers and biofilter

Thanks to the guys who answered my liquid fertilizer questions.

In my tanks (30 & 135 Gallon) I have mainly cichlids and some plants of
the Echinodorus species. My LFS told me to use a product called TMG. Is
that good advice??

Now something else. Isn't it so that a (small or big) part of the
fertilizer goes to waste in the bio filter. I mean, the stronger the bio
filter the more it 'eats' away the stuff that floats around in the tank.
I guess that should also be true regarding conditioners and medicines.

I can imagine that this loss of products by a bio filter screws up the
nutrient balance I hear so often about. How do you know which part of a
fertilizer is lost in the bio filter, and how much actually is taken up
by the plants? Perhaps some bacteria fancy particular nutrients from the

Thanx for your answers.

J. Fuller