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[Redacted] - Cats, Dogs, Birds, Reptiles

If it is true that [Redacted], then I
suspect that a few people ordering plants are not wholly responsible for
that. It would be interesting to see if there were other internet forums
where the attitude toward this company is also negative. Given the
preponderance of cats and dogs as the pet of choice, those two markets are
likely to be where a lot of their transactions are taking place. Does anyone
on this list participate in a similar forum related to other pets? Maybe
Newsgroups? I would guess that a widespread public expression of customer
dissatisfaction in these larger markets would get [Redacted]
, and may even influence their attitude toward both the APD and
their other customers.

(Insert generic legal disclaimer as required here to absolve me, my heirs
and assigns of any past, present or future liability in the event that these
comments caused any living thing anywhere in the universe any distress,
imaginary or otherwise.)