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Easy Life dead where I am concerned

At 03:48 PM 6/12/01 -0400, Toon wrote:
>Criticism is okay, and being cautious about something new is always 
>necessary. But
>bashing the product, just by reading a part of the web site and never even 
>tried the product, is not necessary.

No, it is not necessary.  We could all be silent and let you advertise your 
snake oil.   First let's define snake oil:  It refers to a  product that 
makes hard-to-believe claims and provides no scientific evidence of its 
efficacy or why the claims could be true.  Your product passes both tests, 

Now I am willing to learn new things.   But this just appears to be the 
same old snake-oil claims, and I won't give away my secret formula 
BS.   And I will treat it as such until you bring in a controlled 
experiment that shows your product is superior to plain water.

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