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Has anyone here had any experience with using the algae Cladophora 
aegagropila in aquascaping? Itīs a dense, green thread algae with very slow 
growth. If Iīm not misinformed, Tropica has recently started selling it and 
itīs becoming quite popular in Denmark. Itīs used stretched out in the 
foreground of the tank to form a lush, green carpet - much like Riccia in 
Amanos tanks. The difference being that Cladophora stays in place and 
doesnīt need constant pruning since it grows very slowly. And to my eye, 
itīs at least as beautiful.

But on the other hand - it is an algae. And theyīre not usually our friends.

So - before I go ahead and start using it all the way, I just wanted to 
hear what youīve got to say on the subject. Is it as good as it seems to 
be? If it is, why isnīt everyone using it? Any drawbacks I donīt know 
about? Tips, hints and experience - please let me know.