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Hair Algae

    I am having a small problem, rapidly growing into possibly an outbreak,
if not controlled soon.
Although I have several fish that help with other types of algae, and have
never had an problems with regular algae in my tank, this one doesn't seem
to be very appealing to my fish.  It is a hair like algae, very dark green
almost black color, grows in strands and seems to only grow on the edges of
my plants, and most of the plants are starting to appear to have it growing.
I would like to control it naturally, any idea what species of fish, will
eat this particular type fairly quickly?   For now my tank consists of 1 Red
tailed Botia, 3 Golden Algae Eaters, 2 Cory Cats, and 1 Pleco as Algae
control and bottom cleaners.  The rest of the fish are misc. freshwater: 5
Rummynose Tetras, 2 Flame Gouramis, 1 Angel, 1 Bosmani Rainbow, 1 Yellow
Rainbow, 2 Flame Eye Tetras. And recently an experiment with 2 small Jewel
chiclids.  What species can I introduce, compatible with these others that
will eat this type of algae effectively?  I recently took out of the tank, 2
Golden Apple Snails, that although when they were small consumed algae when
and if it showed, once they grew, started to devour my plants, at an
alarming rate I might add.  Although I have spotted an occasional small
snail in the tank now, the Botia seems to take care of the resident
population pretty well.  Any suggestions?

Basking to the glow of my tank,