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Hello all:)

I was just going through the archives to see if I
could find anything on aquarium safe silicone to use
to make DIY aquariums.

Here are a couple of cut and paste's from the archive:

"Adam, Search the APD archives and you will see lots
of references to experiences with silicon. I have
summed up a few including my own experience. On a
project for a 29g planted tank I used the GE 100%Clear
Silicone Stock # GE012A with no problems."

"There is a one by GE that says safe for aquariums on
the package....can't find mine right now but if I do
I'll post the name etc. Elaine"

" Not really. They buy it from Dow Corning and
remarket it under a different name, and at significant
mark-up. A couple years ago, I wrote several letters
and made several phone calls. Dow is under a "vow of
silence" to admit to which of their silicone products
it really is. Bob Dixon "

"The product that GE recommends for aquarium use is
model GE012A. This is pure clear silicone sealant. You
can call this number to verify it. 1-800-626-2000.
This one is one of two they consider aquarium fish
safe. The other is the white version of this. I work
at Home Depot, and actually called them to find out
the cheapest way to buy silicone, as I was rebuilding
9 29 gal aquariums. I hope this helps. Troy "

well I phoned the number Troy gave for GE......and
asked them about it, well seems GE has changed it's
response. "We do not make any silicone for that
application" is what I got when asked about the GE012A
they said "No you shouldn't use it"

After chatting with them I decided to give DOW a call
they said the same thing. "Sorry we do not make
silicone for this aplication..etc, etc, etc.."

Gotta agree with you Bob think they do make it for
other company's that end up selling it to the LFS's
and charge us an arm and a leg .......

So on that note since I will be loath to spend that
much can any of you suggest which silicone is safe?
and also if you have used it before on what size tank
and how long has this tank/tanks been setup?

Ty in advance


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