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Note that Silicone is generally used for caulking and sealing against
water and therefore has fungicides added to reduce discoloration.

Aquarium-safe silicone does not have the additives.

Using silicone with any fungicides or algacides can more or less slowly
poison you fish and/or plants.

Home uses for aquarium-safe silicone probably represent an extrememly
small market--not many folks spend the time and effort to build or
repair tanks--the labor is worth more than the cost of a new tank.  So
I would not be surprised to find out that GE or DOW (now or form time
to time) only produced aquarium-safe silicone in bulk for aquarium
manufacturers and wholesale contractors/suppliers but no longer
directly for the retail the retail trade.   

The on-line discount fish stores sometimes carry fresh silicone in the
large caulking-gun size at very reasonable prices--but be sure it is
fresh--it ages in the tube even if it has never been opened.  I think
the shelf  life is a couple of years.  After that, it takes MUCH MUCH
longer to cure once applied.

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