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Re: Green water cures

> JW wrote:
>> I have found the one sure way to get rid of filamentous algae, BGA, BBA, and
>> all of those nasty clingy algae we all love *so* much!
>> The answer is GREEN WATER!
> I have intentionally caused green water blooms for the sake of beating
> back blue green algae.  Sometimes it works, and it's an interesting tool
> to keep in mind when you have a BGA problem.  I haven't tried it for
> other algae types.
> Roger Miller

Having played with GW for some time I can say that it does work but you need
to let be for a couple of weeks to get the other algae good. I also added
the nutrients like usual. Actually, I add more nutrients than I typically
do, namely the macro's. This helps the plants get going real good too and
the algae doesn't hurt the plants at all except for light blockage. Then
after awhile, UV and micron the tank and then your done. Nice plants clear
water and nice healthy tank. It doesn't do much for green spot algae and
some glass algae though(at least 3 or 4 species it doesn't affect). So it
does not kill all algae by any means but might work as a method for BBA and
or Hair algae etc. Having a UV and or a micron style filter would be highly
recommeded if you seek to try this out.
Tossing a jobes into the water column seems to always do the trick in the
tanks I've messed with.

One guy I heard of seems to do this right from the start and then goes back
and removes the algae later after the tank is established. I'm skeptical
that this is a good method though. It works in some areas but so do other
methods like, adding shrimps/herbivores, Good maintenance, keeping an eye on
things, stuff you got to do anyway other wise later you'll have algae again
and have to go through the whole GW thing all over again.

 It's a shot in the arm, not a cure. And then you still have to get rid one
for another.
Tom Barr