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Re: Liquid Fertilizer

Hi Everyone.

I'm new to the list, and actually have a technical question about the list
before I answer this question... HOw do you reply? :P  Since its in Digest
Format, when I hit reply, it quotes the whole digest, and makes it Re:
Aquatic Plant Digest #xxxxx.  I went up and changed it by hand, and deleted
the irrelevant messages...  Any easier way?

Ok, onto what I'm actually writing about....  Plants take up a lot of their
nutrients thru their leaves and stems.  This can be demonstrated by allowing
plants to grow floating.  Although they grow roots from the stem, they have
to be able to gain energy _somehow_ before this happens.  Coontail/Hornwort
has even lost its roots all together, relying on its leaves as a means of
nutrient absorption.  Other plants, like Amazon Swords, though, need to be
rooted to survive.  The big advantage of liquid fertilisers over tablets is,
though, that they are EVERYWHERE.  I add a few squirts of my SeaChem
Flourish and Flourish Iron to the tank, and every plant has access to it.  I
stick a few root-tabs into the gravel around my Mother Amazon Sword, and...
well, only the MAS has access to it.  The Hygro and Bolbitis on the far side
of the tank doesn't get any.  Now, I oculd stick root tabs there, but what
about the plants in the middle?  And so on and so on....  I could spend the
next week making sure everyone got fertiliser, using a total of 1000 root
tabs, but.. why bother when I can just add a few squirts of Flourish?

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> Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 09:27:17 -0500
> From: "J. Fuller" <jfuller51 at hotmail_com>
> Subject: liquid fertilizers
> Perhaps a stupid question : why use liquid fertilizers in stead of
> tablets ? It seems to me that the bottled products just bring more
> contaminants in a tank than tablets. And frankly I don't see why plants
> should grow less without the liquids. I can imagine that tablets can
> work more efficiently for they can be placed in direct contact with the
> roots.
> I know that plants take up a lot of nutrients through their leafs, but
> is that really the most important way in order to get excellent growth ?
> Thanks for your answers
> James Fuller