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Re: propagating water sprite??

Amethystmoon98 at netscape_net spat forth:

> hi!
> how does one do this? my water sprite seems to be growing okay, but it is a bit thinner then when it was  > purchased?
> it is also growing low and thick rather than up. is this unusual?
> I was told the mother plant usually dies after a time, but they didn't know how to propigate. They just buy > another one.
> Can anybody help?

Water sprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides) reproduces by sprouting
adventitious buds on older leaves.  These develop roots and when they
reach a nice size, I usually pluck them and replant them in thet
substrate, but youa can also just let them float.  I had one plant that
I had allowed to run rampant that eventually took over one side of my
tank. The top of the plant stretched from front to back and had about
30-40 plantlets on it.


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