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I saw this stuff on seame.com last month and thought it was complete
garbage. I read the test reports from some discus people on the web site
of the manufacturer. The effects described looked very .... well it
smelled fishy.....you know. Nevertheless, since I keep these wonderful
discus I was very curious to see the effect of Easy Life on my wild
catch. If there were any at all.

I was really amazed. The stuff worked very well on my wild catch. They
recovered much faster in quarantine than I have ever seen before. It
shortened it by days. A day after product addition (double dose), the
dark stripes were gone. They colored really well and started eating the
food almost immediately. And this time I didn't use any chemicals like
anti biotics for quarantine. The wounds healed much faster too. The
stuff had a clear positive effect on my wild catch, no doubt about that.
The effects described in that report about quarantine are similar to
what I have seen in my tanks.

I'm using the stuff only since a week or two now. Perhaps someone else
has something useful to say about Easy Life, based on his / her own
experiences ?

That's all folks

Jeff Teller