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Re: herbivore-free

>>Ok, I'm not disagreeing with you. But I'd like to
know just how many highly-lit tanks out there have no
algae and no herbivores, or if there are any. Of
course, this excludes tanks that have been bleached.
So if anyone on the list has a tank with at least,
say, 2.5 W/g, no herbivores and no visible algae,
please reply to the list or to me personally. Thanks.
This will be sort of a poll to find out if herbivores
are really required.<<

I have two 10gal tanks, with 80 watts N.O. fluoros
over them (approx 4watts/gal).  No filtration, no
circulation, no CO2, little fertilization, infrequent
water changes, plain gravel substrate, killifish that
tend to mulitply.  Only herbivores are the snails of
which there are many, but not run-amuck.

Never had any algae in these tanks.  Algae on plants
that are transplanted to these tanks tends to die
quickly.  Plant growth is slow.


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