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Re: No CO2 and PO4's

Iron more than PO4's. I too have non CO2 tanks. I had/have high PO4's in the
tap but did not add iron or a trace mix to the water column. That was what
held the algae back, not the PO4's. Iron was in the substrate though. Your
not going to hold algae back using that method very well since your food has
PO4's and assuming you have fish.
Tap water often has it as well(PO4's), perhaps not your tap water but most
folks cannot say this, not true with iron nearly as much. Algae don't need
much PO4's to exist and bloom.
You'll see some algae die back at first if you remove all PO4's since they
are the fast to respond to nutrient changes but later the plants will suffer
and often you'll just get another type of algae after a a couple to several
weeks. You do need some PO4's for plants. How much in a non CO2 tank is
somewhat more debateable. Depends on light, the tank plant types , floaters
etc etc. If you have some weed like floating water sprite your tank can
handle a fair amount of PO4'd for example.
Tom Barr 

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> Be careful though, I got lingering green water and some sickly hair algae
> leftover from my phosphate and Iron dosing experiments.  Bad  idea that should
> probably be left to CO2 injected tanks.