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Re:Bleaching monthly?

> Subject: Re: Bleaching monthly?
> Tom, are you saying that it's impossible to keep all algae away with DIY CO2
> even when it's at a high level?

No. But it does take care one element of the equation(the CO2 part).

> How does algae know whether the CO2 comes
> from yeast or a pressurized system?

It has yeastophores that can detect the source of CO2:-) Some humans have
them as well, we call them alcoholics:)
Plants don't care.

> I'm not saying you're wrong, but your
> advice seems to contradict everything else I've heard previously about CO2
> and algae control.

I might be wrong.

> My CO2 is at about the same concentration (28 ppm), even at the end of the
> day. My daily pH swing is 0.2. The algae still grows.

Are your plants growing well? Plants need the 3 things light(you have), CO2
(you have), so all that's left is nutrients. There are many folks that have
good light, good CO2 like you yet have little if any algae. They don't have
and you do. Why?
I would look at NO3, PO4, iron. Do you use RO water? What's the tap water
like etc.
You cannot get by only with nutrient management. You have to go in and
remove the algae physically, water changes, herbivores etc. Maintenance etc.
Use everything you can that makes life easy for both you and your plants.

> Are you saying the
> problem might be that the CO2 is not steady (but still high enough)?

No. Too low only. High enough is relative to lighting levels also. At 1.5 to
2.0 watts a gallon(even this term is relative) you'll be fine at 15ppm of
CO2 but at 4 watts a gallon 25ppm would be better etc. If the lower level
floats around which it often does, that's fine to some degree. Same for the
higher level. 
Some tanks where the CO2 level is not moving much, if at all, is telling you
that the plants are not using much of the CO2. Some CO2 drop/or pH rise
should be seen if the CO2 gas input is the same throughout the day. Yeast
production of CO2 gas is often temp related.It's colder at night warmer
during the day etc. Some folks heat their DIY bottle in water to get around
this etc. A gas tank would be easier if you'd ask me.
Tom Barr 
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> Alex R.