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got some stuff... what should i do?

Okay, as if it isn't obvious, I slept through Chem 101 (hey, it was
always warm and the auditorium seats were comfy).  So, I am in need of
some help in mixing up a little brew.  I just picked up some chelated
micronutrient mix, but I couldn't get anything with the exact mix of
PMDD, here's a breakdown of the best I could find.

Iron ----------- 0.1%		7%
Boron ---------- 0.02%		1.3%
Magnesium ------ 1.0%		2%
Molybdenum ----- 0.0005%	0.06%
Zinc ----------- 0.05%		0.4%
Manganese ------ 0.05%		Cu 0.1%
Cobalt --------- 0.0005%	EDTA, DTPA

Okay, the obvious thing is the iron shortage.  Can I make up for that
with an iron supplement?  Right now, I dose my 55 gal with 3 mL of a (4
Tbsp / 500 mL) Muriate of Potash solution ( I actally found some that
has almost no iron oxide). I also have on hand some Epsom salt and can
get some KNO3. Can this work?

Nick Wise


Feel free to mail me off list to discuss this.

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