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Re: Calcium and MTS

Upon further examination, I have realized that there
are quite a few living MTS in my tank whose shells are
whitish and a couple who have some crumbling on the
tips.  I purchased some Twinlab Oyster Shell Calcium
capsules.  From my understanding of the label this is
pure calcium carbonate in gel caps which can be easily
opened up and I'll have the pure powder.

My tap water is very low dH (2.0) while my tanks is
4.3 (pH 7.0)  I have some unknown buffer in the tank
that I have been unable to locate despite numerous
experiments.  I think my MTS shouldn't look like this
and am hoping this powder is the way to go.  Can
anyone share any guidelines for dosing my tank?  I
have a 29 gallon?  I've checked the archives and am
still not quite sure.  Any help on this and what I can
expect this to do to my water would be much
Thanks, Beverly

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