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Re: PetSwarehouse threatens legal action

After back-and-forth emails with PetSwarehouse about what (in their
opinion) I could or could not say at my website, I have removed them
entirely from my list of sellers on my resource page. Their head agreed
that the posts on this List were in the negative (!), but that was because
Actwin did or does not allow them to present their position. I just wanted
to go on record here, because while they first said they would give me 48
hrs and that they too wanted to avoid litigation, after I removed my
comment completely, they e-mailed back "Not enough! The damage was done!"
(To be fair I think this last comment was from a different address there
and may have been from another employee). 

I'm sorry to take up bandwith with all this. On point of irony is that (as
far as I remember) I've never dealt personally with them.


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