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Re: CO2/PO4

> I don't have a PO4 test kit so I'm just speculating all this. Is it
> reasonable to assume my plants are PO4-limited if the growth is this slow
> they don't pearl a lot? BTW, I have a 30 g. tank with 96W of lighting and
> Flourite substrate.

If you see dramatic pearling after about an hour or so you likely where PO4
Good job with the yeast BTW. It's not easy to keep the CO2 up like that.

> One reason I'm asking is because I have a huge filamentous algae outbreak.
> Don't ask me if it's BBA or hair algae. I don't know, but there seem to be
> several types. And if I do in fact have very low PO4, it hasn't done much
> against the algae. It currently covers all my plants because of their slow
> growth. I have stopped adding micronutrients three weeks ago. I also have an
> Fe test kit, and when I was adding micronutrients, the amount of Fe was less
> than 0.1 ppm. So what would you recommend? Should I keep dosing the PO4?
> Should I restart the micronutrients?

Sure but after you go in and attack all the algae first manually. Then the
proverbial water change(I like 50%) and then you add your nutrient mix back
in. You can add by estimation easily by doing the 50% water change and
assuming that there are no nutrients in there besides GH(Ca, Mg).
Repeat this 3 times over 3 weeks or maybe once or twice extra in between
refilling your nutrients each time. Don't forget CO2 during this time.
Try adding a bit more micro's and note the algae response. Try .2ppm then
try .5ppm. See what you get. Same with the PO4 when you get a kit.Not quite
sure an optimal range is for PO4 just not too low or extremely high(above
1.5ppm...I guess)

> Thank you.
> __
> Alex R.