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re: New to List

Wayne C <onegoodshot at earthlink_net> asks << How do I reply to a message in
the digest without re-sending the complete digest? >>

Welcome, Wayne! I don't read the list in digest form, but rather I go to
http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants/index.php click on New Messages
and read the posts of interest (hot off the e-press too -- no waiting!).
When replying, I cut and paste, because I think it's both unnecessary and
wasteful of bandwidth to quote entire posts. It makes the digests bigger
and is redundant for those following the thread. It makes sense to
paraphrase or judiciously quote and makes threads easier to follow.
Otherwise readers tend to skip the entire repeated message only to not
understand what specific facts the new post is addressing. Then you need to
hunt them down in the whole quoted message. Multiply this by the number of
members reading the post, and you may see why I think it's worth my time to
edit and save others time by cutting the irrelevant and pasting the pertinent.

The only reason I subscribe, in fact, is to be able to post messages.
Unfortunately, with Majordomo lists, you can't set yourself to "nomail".
This puts useless demand on the list server and sends me digests I delete
without opening. How easy it would be for the list software to check a user
option and either send or not send the digest to the member's address (as
is the case for Listserv lists). Well, be thankful for what we have,
including Listmom.

Jared Weinberger                    jared at brainyday_com
____________ http://www.brainyday.com/jared _______________