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New to List

As the subject line indicates, I'm new to the list.  I've been lurking for a
couple of weeks and have gained some useful information already.  I've been
playing around with aquariums off and on for quite a few years and have just
gotten back into the hobby.  I've set up a 20 gallon long tank and have been
enjoying it very much - so much in fact, I'm thinking about a 50 or 75
gallon in the near future.  My wife became interested in a Tub garden that I
put on our deck and that project has culminated in the construction of an
800 gallon above ground fish pond next to the deck.  I may be able to start
filling it on Sunday.

This is the first Digest that I've been subscribed to and that is the reason
for my first post to the list.  How do I reply to a message in the digest
without re-sending the complete digest?  I could cut, copy and paste into a
new message, but it seems there should be an easier method.

Wayne C
Norfolk, VA