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Re: Amano Gallery

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Susi Barber wrote:

> I also really liked #7, am going to try something like that in one of my
> smaller tanks, which will be used for raising fry, although the two grass type
> plants here are so complementary, and work so well to contrast with the
> rounded shapes of the rocks.
> What is so exquisite about Amano's tanks is the way they really seem to
> capture a slice of wild nature, and frame it so that you really appreciate
> every element.

#7 was easily my favorite in the current gallery.  For some reason, when I
looked at that picture I saw images of Africa.  I think that's the sort of
response that Amano want's to invoke.

I don't know how well that scene will adapt to a smaller tank.  The
background looks to me like Cyperus helferi and Crypt. retrospiralis (v.
balansae?). Those plants can both get fairly large and if they start
laying out on the surface too much, then the effect is lost.

#7 also seems fairly unique among the pictures I've seen of Amano's tanks.
I don't recall seeing elsewhere the use of a simple planar curtain of
plants to form a background.

Roger Miller