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Re: Amano + TV programs

Hi Arthur,

>Tanks #3 and #4 demonstrate an interesting contrast. #3 juts out toward the
>viewer, all the energy is coming forward.

*That's* why I didn't like it! thought it was a bit odd to have such a 
dominant centre plant, but interesting, now you've said that - shows how much 
our eye is trained to the landscape effect, with a centrally receding point!

>My mother recorded a show on Japanese television (via satellite) that was an
>aquascape contest. Various contestants were given a certain "budget" and then
>made an entire aquascape in a few hours........The part that sticks out in my
>mind the most was when they were wandering around in the store picking out 
>plants. There was more volume than I think any store in the US.

Very good marketing for that store!  But a tad expensive, you'd have to be 
sure of reaching your target audience, and bring in enough business from it, 
so it would have to be for a national chain....  Or you could set it up like a 
one-off game show situation, to be sponsored by or have advertising from 
various retailers and suppliers, I could see it going well in the US 

Maybe the next AGA contest could be the subject of a "documentary", and have a 
competition of this kind that could be televised live, vs background stuff on 
a couple of the winners/competitors in the actual showcase, plus Karen Randall 
or someone talking about the challenges and principles of 

Ideas are easy, its carrying them out that's harder, but it would be very 
interesting to a large audience, I'm sure!  Even had aquascaping featured in a 
Vancouver newspaper a while ago, touting it as the latest trend in interior 
design for offices etc!

Kind regards,

Susi Barber