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Re: C02 fatality update/new mystery - bubbles in glass

Thanks everyone for your condolences and
help...Unfortunately I never took any readings before
I pumped the tank...I immediately pumped to save the
remaining fish, so it's possible I may never have a
definitive answer as to what happened.  I've never
generated enough C02 before to cause C02 poisoning so
I tend to think it was the ingredients of the bottle
rather than the C02 and the KH/pH is good.

GLASS:  I've found two new strange things, though.  I
went to wipe what looked like tons of tiny air bubbles
from the inside of the glass this morning, only to
find they were actually in the glass.  They were
*definitely* not there two days ago.  I thought they
were maybe pits and took a magnifying glass to them
and found they are definitely inside the glass, some
toward the inside side of the glass and some towards
the outside.  They look like tiny bubbles.  Again,
they were *definitely* not there two days ago.  Any

SNAIL:  I have noticed an unusually high amount of MTS
out and about and tons of babies...Either they are
munching on jello residue and loving it or jello makes
them spawn. :)  Millions that are crawling all over.

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