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Re: North American Vernacular

As I recall the converstion started as the japanese vs
the dutch way of aquascaping, and if us north
americans had any particular style of our own, (I
think the jury is still out on that one)

I've got a peaceful corner of my tank that's nicely
planted and seems to have established a stable
mini-ecosystem.  I'm going to bulldoze the plants and
pave it with underwater-setting concrete, then build a
gated community of luxury homes, and a strip mall to
service it (with no sidewalks or pedestrian
facilities).  All I need to complete this masterpiece
is a set of underwater logo signs for Starbucks,
Costco, PetSmart, and all the other weedy coprorate
growths that are destroying what's left of our
country's village culture.

I won't claim that it represents all of North America,
but it certainly speaks for life in the USA at the
dawn of the millenium...

Ed in Monterey CA

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