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Re:micro valves

> I have a new co2 system and I think I need to build a gang valve system. I
> don't want a series of regulators and bottles.
> How many valves can run off one 5 lb bottle?

As many as you want pretty much.

> I'm guessing a nightmare
> balancing bubbles with too many diffusers off one line. I assume it's all a
> balancing act with the valves and regulator?

Not really. It's quite easy.
Adding a valve for each tank is a good set up and is no problem.
Each tank can be dosed how ever much it needs.

> I could use some suggestions on needle valves too.

I've been very happy with the Monolith Marine's 19$ valve. Got 8 on a ten
pound tank. Brass "T"'s cost 1$ ea or Home Depot. I set up another system
with 10 valves on a 50lb tank. Won't have to refill that one much:)
Tom Barr