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Re: bga - blackout

> Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 13:29:34 -0700 
> From: "Coleman, Sean" <scoleman at gmsaz_com>
> Subject: RE: bga - blackout
> I even tried to eliminate phosphates (via the Sears - Colin paper), with
> phosguard but that also didn't help. 

	Kevin and I didn't suggest using phosguard or anything similar.
We suggested adding everything else, and witholding phosphate.  The
problem with the "removal" route is that you don't know what else you
are removing along with the phosphate, or what you are adding in its place.

>  Then I found this site. Boy you should see the change. 
> Added tons of plants, pmdd (don't use CaNO3 by the way, see still learning
> :) changed my lights, added a C02 system, removed all but a single fluval
> 303 canister filled with floss, constant hand removal of the crude and over
> a period of a couple of months voila no more BGA crude. 
> I probably went over board but it is such a short leap from hobby to
> compulsion. : )     


Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada