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Neon Rainbow Eggs Maybe???

Just yesterday I noticed one of my Neon Rainbows was looking pregnant.  Then
today I found this "thing" sitting just at the top of the water on a leaf of
my Ruben Sword.

Could this be eggs from the Neon Rainbow?  If so what should I do?  They are
very close to the overflow so I don't think any babies would have much of a
chance in the current.  In fact even if they survive the current I don't
think they will last very long with 6 large Boesemani as tank mates.

I've got an empty 10 gallon tank.  I'm thinking of clipping the leaf and
moving it to the 10 gallon tank.  Any suggestions?

If it's not eggs any Ideas what it could be?  In case you are wondering, no
I don't have any birds in the house.