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algae issues...

I am having algae problems with my recently setup plant 120G plant tank.  The tank has been having problems with thread algae and green water.  The tank setup is as follows:

- 2X250W 6500K Iwasaki metal halide w/spider light reflectors (~12" above surface) on 10.5 hours    
- Profile substrate with First layer laterite
- azoo 200W substrate heat cable on/off cycle every 30 minutes (mech. timer)
- Dupla reactor S CO2 
- Temp 77F
- 5 dKH
- 6.5 - 7ph
- Fe - ??? - Lamotte kit hasn't arrived yet :(
- heavily planted - Rotala Indica, Italian val, Stargrass, sagittaria, and ech. tennellus
- 3 SAE, 5 cory julii, 4 small ancistrus (1"), and 2 med angels
- Weekly 30% water change wih addition of 25ml TMG

The tank has been set up about 2 months now and the results have been less than outstanding. The plants have not been growing fast at all, although the Rotala has been getting a nice pink tint on newer leaves (assume due to good light intensity). Also, the plants do tend to bubble vigorously in the evening.  The green water tends to vary in intensity but doesn't go away.  The thread algae continues to be prolific.  One item that may be an issue is that the room the tank is in has a large SW facing window and gets some morning light (but not directly).

Any ideas?