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Re: Keeping ph stable??

> Your pH drops because your KH is so low. Try raising it with simple addition

No, if his measurements are accurate, then the pH drops because he's got a large
amount of CO2 dissolved.   Based on 6.2 pH, and 2 degrees KH, that's about
38ppm CO2, which is too much.

Increasing the KH won't change the amount of CO2 dissolved in the water.   Even
if he increases his KH to 6, (which would bring the pH up to around 6.7), he'd
still have 38ppm CO2 dissolved, which is too much.

I agree that using baking soda to raise the KH is very simple and effective, and
I agree that this person should certainly consider raising it a few degrees.  But
the size of the pH shift when adding CO2 isn't related to KH (except maybe at
very low KH levels, less than 1 degree)


Chuck Gadd