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Plants Bubbling and Nutrients

Is there a paticular nutrient that helps the saturation of oxygen in the
water and causes plants to bubble? In my current set up I dose kent + Kno3,
mgso4, and kcl, 3watts/g w/ a DIY co2 and nothing grows. I know KNP are
limiting factors in growth so I've started to dose those in extreme excess
:) However I'm not really seeing any growth at all and it doesn't appear
that algae is thriving either, I lost an oto the other day I believe to
starvation and my other oto still has a sunken belly. Plants aren't showing
any nutrient deficiencys other than my sword which has some magnesium
deficiency, tho nothings growing or dieing and niether is algae. I added .8
ppm of iron a week ago, and it's still .8 ppm as of today. Is Phosphorus
required for plant growth? I'm wondering about this cause I rarely add fish
food to my tank.. but I know I've had K and N defieciencies for a very long
time. I've been trying to cultivate java moss for over a year, started out
pretty much with 3"x3" and now it's finally a handfull. I have had a boron
deficency on a jungle val along time ago (recently threw it out), though
without actual pictures of all the deficiencys, it's very difficult to
figure out by description, since some defiiciency's have similiar

- Matt