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Re: Why do SAE's die so easily

David Berryman wrote:

> I have owned about 20 SAE's in the year and a half my tank has 
> been up, and all of them die with in about 2 months.  I do not know 
> what I am doing wrong if anything.  Has any one else had this 
> problem?  Are they hard to keep alive?

SAEs, even youngsters, are normally very hardy and a good choice for
the Very First Inhabitant for any big, planted tank - along with other
nearly indestructible fish like bristlenoses and zebra danios.  SAEs
are easy to kill only with low oxygen level and perhaps with some
medications.  So I have to guess that you are doing something wrong.
Perhaps you would like to tell us:

- the size of the tank
- all the other fishes (species, size, age)
- temperature
- your water chemistry
- your water changes
- feeding
- filtering
- any possible medication, chemicals added to water etc.
- symptoms of these dying/dead SAEs
- you are sure that they are real SAEs

I have normally 4-6 SAEs at a time, and I have had far less than 20
SAEs during these soon 11 years I have kept them.  About 3 have
jumped, one died due to clogged filters and not enough oxygen, one
died of a weird "wasting disease" (something bacterial?) and 2-3 have
died without me having any clue.  I have 5 of them right now.