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Discus eating amano shrimp? -- Not mine

I have a seventy gallon aquarium with two pidgeon blood discus, one about 6"
the other roughly 4".  I've had roughly 12 amano shrimp in the tank for
about one year, I havn't noticed any of the shrimp go missing, but as you
know, they are hard to count.

I even purchased the shrimp when they were relatively small, (about 1/2
inch), still, the discus weren't agressive towards them.  The discus don't
seem interested in the wood shrimp either.

My office has eleven Heckel discus in a 380 gallon tank in the lobby, we
have both ghost shrimp and amano shimp in the tank in large numbers, and
I've never seen the discus go after any of them.  Those Heckels were wild
caught too.

So, ymmv, but I'd not think twice about discus and shrimp as neighbors.