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greenwater gone ??

Dear All on the list who helped me !

First thanks for your reply on my greenwater situation :)

Here is how I went about remidying it (hopefully for good)

1. I bought some Azoo greenwater remover (safe for plants, fish, and nature
aquariums.. it even says that on the tag.. cool huh a proper planted aquaria
product :)
2. Packed 1/2 the bottom compartment of my eheim professional with filter
floss (other 1/2 with ceramic noodles), Plus rinsed out the filter pad in
the top compartment.
3. Dosed the recommended dosage and went to bed
4. Woke up to a slightly cloudy tank.. wow it kinda worked.. Dosed another
full dose, went shopping for the day.
5. Came home to a crystal clear tank ! woohoo :)

I just cleaned out the floss and mechanical media compartments and they were
all bright green (surprise surprise).  I just repacked it with some clean
floss and hopefully this has solved my problem :)

The Azoo product was excellent and I highly recommend it ! it is definately
not snake oil as it does exactly what it claims.. gives you crystal clear
water :))

Thanks again for your suggestions :)

Perth, Western Australia