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Re: laterite and Fluorite


In the spring of 1999 I set up a new 54 gallon tank with a sand/laterite
base and fluorite on top.  I also added Jobe's flower spike bits to the
substrate.  I planted it up with Echinodorus bleheri and uruguayensis plus
some vals and eventually crypts.  I was checking really for any leaching of
NPK from the substrate and was testing nitrates and phosphates for several
months.  Especially the phosphates because my tap water is zero for this.
The fertilizer didn't leach and the swordplants have grown into something
resembling large Romaine lettuces.  So I'd say adding these two, laterite
and fluorite together is not harmful in the least.  Right now the roots are
so thick in the substrate, it's difficult to add any fertilizer to it.


Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 15:05:19 -0700
From: J & D Olberding <jdolb1 at home_com>
Subject: Laterite with Flourite

I am setting up tank with Flourite substrate and wondering if I can use
Laterite with it. Walstad's book sites situation in which she used Laterite
with soil substrate and plants did not thrive due to apparent iron toxicity.
I have Laterite on hand which will not otherwise get used and would like to
use it providing it doesn't produce problems.

Advice, opinions, others experience?