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Re: Ph Questions

Just wanted to thank you guys for your replies, you are right on the money.
I tried your straw test and it works just like you say.
Have another question if you don't mind, I seem to have what I believe to be
mineral deposits from the water, esp. on the back glass and glass under the
light.  Now a couple weeks ago I removed them, but they are returning, also
since removing them, my water has been stained a faint white color, I assume
from the deposits.  I want to add some rainwater or drinking water to lower
the kh.
I'm saying all this because you mentioned my water was ok the way it was, Is
it ok to soften the water a bit, to hopefully get rid of the crusty white
crap.  I assume the ph will probably not move simple by softening, but the
co2 input may have to be increased to compensate. True?