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Re:PO4 and BBA

Testing PO4:
 Most all of the nutrients are moving around to some degree and in most
cases daily. Better & closer for estimations is good thang but a test kit is
good too. Testing = less math for those who don't like it too much:) Another
good thing is getting a much better idea what's being used up in the tank.
You don't have to test forever and ever all the time etc but just try one
real good week of it. Then test only when a plant looks so-so and /or
there's a problem etc. PO4 is not some precise measurement but a broad
range(relatively speaking in our context) if CO2 is used in higher ranges.
A note on BBA. It grows well in very PO4 limited(very low to absent PO4)
tanks. This has been proven quite well. It's been well tested and from my
end in the high PO4 levels also. It persist in both a heavy and an absent to
extremely low PO4 tank. Hard/soft waters, redder light to bluer lighting
etc. Lots of light and little light etc.

CO2 levels are the main control with removing it's presence. PO4 has no
bearing even in trace amounts on it's presence. Nor does competition and
plant growth surprizingly. Plant growth can outpace the BBA is some cases
but to really remove it, CO2 will knock it down fast and permanently. I
think I said about 1-2weeks or so it should all turn white and die. I'm
still waiting to see if Steve's will do this on his rocks. Plant growth will
not affect it being on the rocks.

 So folks worrying about PO4's and BBA algae should look to CO2, not PO4 and
PO4 removal. It doesn't work for that algae one bit as a control. Higher CO2
does. 20-35ppm. 15 or less is too low. Unless you like it or prefer using
SAE's. These tanks have no SAE's.........

Tom Barr