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Re: Dupla S

> Subject: Installation of Dupla CO2 reactor S
> In an attempt to boost the effectiveness of my CO2 fertilization system, I
> have bought the Dupla reactor S.

Cha-ching $!

> I want to use it as an external reactor so
> I can keep it out of the tank. In my current test setup, it is powered by a
> (new) Eheim 2213 classic canister filter. The water is leaving the aquarium
> through the 12/16 mm tubes (which come with the filter) into the filter. The
> water leaves the filter through a short piece of 12/16 mm tube and goes
> through a reducing piece to a tube diameter 9/12 mm into the reactor. The
> water leaves the reactor through tube 9/12, after which there is a reducing
> piece to go back to 12/16 and into the tank. But there seems to be a
> problem... the output of the water return is very low... Should I get a
> filter with a greater pomp capacity or should I install the reactor
> elsewhere? (the reactor is now installed right next to the eheim 2213 filter
> under the tank) Maybe the filter is not powerful enough to pump the water
> through the reactor?

The flow rate through those reactors is quite slow. I run them separately
with a maxi jet power head. Keep the filter separate unless you have a
soliniod and a small tank. Not enough flow....

I have made a hang on style external reactor (finally) that is quite similar
to the this product and can used "in line"(*with a soliniod*). You can use
the Dupla S in a sump also(*most common set ups for this product - I've put
in 4) also. But in line is fine.

Perhaps this helps,
Tom Barr

> Looking forward to hearing some suggestions about this,
> Davy Cleys