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Installation of Dupla CO2 reactor S

In an attempt to boost the effectiveness of my CO2 fertilization system, I
have bought the Dupla reactor S. I want to use it as an external reactor so
I can keep it out of the tank. In my current test setup, it is powered by a
(new) Eheim 2213 classic canister filter. The water is leaving the aquarium
through the 12/16 mm tubes (which come with the filter) into the filter. The
water leaves the filter through a short piece of 12/16 mm tube and goes
through a reducing piece to a tube diameter 9/12 mm into the reactor. The
water leaves the reactor through tube 9/12, after which there is a reducing
piece to go back to 12/16 and into the tank. But there seems to be a
problem... the output of the water return is very low... Should I get a
filter with a greater pomp capacity or should I install the reactor
elsewhere? (the reactor is now installed right next to the eheim 2213 filter
under the tank) Maybe the filter is not powerful enough to pump the water
through the reactor?

Looking forward to hearing some suggestions about this,

Davy Cleys