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RE: Installation of Dupla CO2 reactor S

I'm not quite sure I understand what you've exactly said (as 12/16 mm to
me means VERY tiny tubes), but I think I get the basics.  Four tubes,
right?  One of size X from tank to filter, one of size X from filter to
adaptor, one of size <X to reactor, one of same size <x from reactor to
adptor, and one of size X from adaptor back to tank?  If the return is
very slow, I would say it is because you reduced the passage the water
flows through, then raised it again.  That smaller tube into the reactor
is smaller, so the water probably comes out it with more pressure, but
it gets to the tank in a bigger tube so that takes some of the
"speed" of the return.  Does that make sense? If you had the water going
all the way through it would be normal speed.  If you decreased the
diameter of the tubes it would come out faster.  If you increased the
diameter of the tubes it would come out slower.  I am thinking that if
you decrease, then increase, it would also come out slower.  I for one
would not get a bigger filter, as you are putting more pressure on the
pump already (by stepping down the return size).

Anyone may certainly feel free to correct any missunderstanding or
ordinary ignorance from me :)