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APD health


I've been getting digests right along.  Test your email status
(though if you get this that seems like a pretty good test).

The web site DOES seem to be messed up, but only in that they
have yet to split off the february and march messages.  These
are still in with this month.

It can be a mistake (probably what threw you off) to look at the
last message in a list like this and if you have read it before
assume no new messages are being added.  In this case there is
a message dated May 29th, 2001 and one dated May 30th, 2001.  These
were sent some time ago, by somebody who was having a little trouble
with the date settings on their pc.  The list takes the users date
and time, not the servers, and it is very uncritical about it.  If
you want to send a message with wildly improbable dates the software
is perfectly willing to post them as such.

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