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Re: Flowering echinodorus

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Ivo wrote:

> Maybe I got the plantlets from the mother plant too early, or, maybe the whole
> setup was too cold for their liking. The temperature inside the box was
> around 60 degrees for most of the winter. They didn't lose their leaves, so
> I believe they still have growth potential. As the pond now is getting warmer,
> I'll eventually move them back to there and see what happens. I'll post the
> development of this when the time comes.

Thanks for pitching in, Ivo.  I bet you're right about the temperature
slowing things down.  Mine seem to be temperature sensitive, and E.
cordifolius is actually a border-line temperate-climate plant.

Is it possible that the plants also depleted all the CO2 in the
closed container?

Roger Miller