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Re: Uninvited Guests

Ian Brown <Ian at mailbox25_freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Subject: Uninvited Guests
> Unfortunately, it appears I have been the recipient of some “uninvited guests”
> – namely snails – how can I get rid?

Ian, you may want to try a couple of things: 

Drop in a slice or two of weighted-down cumcumber or zuccini.  
Sometime after the lights go out, flip the switch back on and 
harvest the veggie slices. Snails cover any slices I add and devour 
them sometimes overnight. 

A second trick: Set your alarm and get up early during the morning 
hours, ~2-4am. Flip the tank lights on, and start havesting. I 
chuckle sometimes at the sheer number of snails present during 
the middle of the night, compared to the snail-free tanks I'm used 
to seeing everyday. A great number of them can be collected with 
these two methods. This second trick is also handy at catching 
those elusive fish we want to move to another tank. They're dumb-
founded from sleep and can be scooped right up. That is, all but 
the noctural ones ;-).

No poisons, only patience.

Jamie    <"\\\>< Aquatic plants, water chemistry, and cichlids
Greenwood, SC     http://www.ais-gwd.com/~jjirons