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Re: Uninvited Guests (snails)

>I've set up a heavily planted tropical freshwater tank, and it's just
coming to the end of its one month maturation period.
>Unfortunately, it appears I have been the recipient of some "uninvited
guests" - namely snails - that have started making >an appearance over the
last week. I'm assuming they have hitched a ride in on the plants.

Good assumption.

>So far they haven't reached infestation levels, and I have been picking
them out when I see them, but the number has >started to rise, and they are
now beginning to get larger and I'm getting concerned that they may be
breeding soon.

It's OK Ian, they are pretty discreet about it.  I even let my 6 year old
son watch.  Even snail _birth_ is pretty uneventful <g>.

>Can anyone recommend a method of poisoning them off without killing the

Not me.  I wouldn't even consider it, unless perhaps you plan on breeding
fish in there.  Snails will be very useful in your new plant tank.  If you
overfeed you may reach _infestation levels_, but otherwise don't worry about
them.  If you find you just can not tolerate them, there are some fish that
love them, but personally I would spend my time and money elsewhere.

>With the tank only just becoming mature I don't yet have any fish, so
that's not a concern so long as the treatment can be >removed through water

Mike Grace